Airbrushing/Temporary Tatz/Body Artistry

MoMo & Co. specializes in temporary body art such as:

  • Long Lasting Airbrushed Tattoos,
  • Waterproof Long Lasting Glitter & Metal Tattoos,
  • Henna/Mehendi/Zardosi.

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Airbrushed and Temporary Tattoos

Love the look of tattoos, but hate the permanent factor?airbrush-b
Try a temporary tattoo.  From Basic Black to Vibrant Colors, we can ink you with your favorite design, character or logo.  

Choose from soap and water washable, water resistant (great for pool parties) or standard waterproof.

Let them fade away naturally or remove them at any time with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.  All of our standard airbrushed tattoos are waterproof and designed to stay on the skin for 7-10 days.
Choose from over 300 designs with all of your favorite tat characters and icons or get a freehand, custom painted original.

small tat sleeve sample

Tat Sleeves - NEW!

We also carry the newest trend in airbrushed tattoos, Tattoo Sleeves.  We can custom “ink” your arm, leg or larger surface area to replicate the look of a tattoo sleeve.  Pick a focal item such as a tiger, koi fish, rose, etc. and we will custom design a sleeve on the spot just for you.  Sleeves can be inked in basic black or vibrant colors.




Glitter Tattoos and Metal Tatz

glitter-tat-samplesGlitter and Metal Tatz are a skin safe, waterproof and long lasting way to SHINE!
The tattoo is applied to the skin using specialized body adhesive either free hand or using one of our huge variety of stencils.  The guest picks their colors and they SHINE! 
Glitter and Metal Tatz are waterproof and designed to stay on the skin 7-14 days , with proper care they can last even longer!

Metal Tatz are applied with waterproof, skin safe airbrushed inks and then layered with dichroic (dye-chroy-ic) metallic mineral powders for a molten metal finish.  Great for guys and gals who don’t want a bling like look to their tatz.

All of our tattoos can be applied to children, teens and adults .



A trendy new look to temporary body art, this Eastern art form is all the rage in the west!  Made from all natural plants and essential oils, it is completely natural, skin sahennafe and organically green.  Painless to apply, the botanical henna paste is applied using cones or small tipped bottles.   We offer a wide range of designs for the entire body, ranging from traditional middle eastern and arabic styles to japanese kanji and zen, to celtic tribals, pop art  and contemporary symbols and logos.

Best suited for ages 5 and up, the paste is allowed to dry and beautiful designs are immediately seen after the paste has dried.  The design will “cure” overnight and and the remaining  rich, russet design will stay on from 14-21 days depending on the skin type and care.

We can also provide Zardosi, which is a glitter dusting and gems to the wet henna.  The glitter helps to aid in the drying time of the henna.  It provides a protective coating to the wet henna in  beautiful festive colors of skin safe ultra fine glitters in your favorite shades.  The Zardosi/henna paste will gently flake away after completely drying, leaving beautiful semi-permanent henna designs beneath.


Full Body and prenatal belly painting is available.
Please give us a call for a personalized quote or visit our sister site at Chicago Face & Body Art for detailed information.