Ready to give your child a magically fun birthday party that your guests will be talking about for a long time?

Ready for a magician who will make your child a star on his or her special day?

Ready for a magic show that will entertain the parents as well as the kids?

If so, then you are ready for the MoMo Magic Show!




I love doing shows for children's birthday parties. I do a silly, funny and totally interactive show designed to interact with my audience.   Magic happens right before your child's eyes and even in their hands, for an experience that will leave them laughing, and with memories they will never forget.

clown magic 3


Everyone at the show helps the magic to happen. Everyone laughs, everyone participates,  everyone says the silly magic words and everyone at the show gets a special treat to take home with them. This means all your guests feel great about the experience, and that means you have thrown a party to remember.

Your child will laugh and say the magic words along with everyone else, but YOUR CHILD IS THE STAR of the show! Your child will also be invited on stage for a magical experience and everyone gets a magical treat that they helped create themselves!  80% of the show is done with interactive magic with the audience members and children as young as 3 are able to participate!

The MoMo Magic Show is an interactive show designed to delight the kids and give the parents some time to relax, because our show is designed to entertain both the children and their parents. It also provides the parents with a great opportunity for photos of the kids during the show, laughing and participating with their friends and family, while having fun, being silly, using their imagination and honoring the birthday child.

Your child will be thrilled to be a magician for a day and will receive a personalized Jr. Magicians certificate for helping out MoMo on their special day.



Corporate events, schools, libraries, scouts - we are a great source of entertainment for  everyone!
We can tailor our show to match your event. 

Learn about colors, numbers, nutrition, anti-bullying and more..



MoMo the Clown & Co. offers fun filled audience participation shows ideal for libraries, camps, day cares, festivals, fairs and parties!

Join MoMo as she weaves tales with your audience from her Silly Nilly story book.  Guests are brought up to participate as characters in the story and the audience helps to determine the story by filling in the blanks!  This balloon escapade uses oversized balloon masks and hats to allow the guests to play characters in the story.  Music, sound effects, outstanding balloon creations and laughter is guaranteed!  Never the same ending twice!.



Join the Twisty Sisters as they teach you the basics of balloon twisting.  Everyone participates, anyone can do it, no one is left out and everyone brings home their creations!ballloon show copy

Learn to make a basic balloon dog, a crazy octopus (or spider around halloween) and a great hat!
Participants are taught step by step with both group and individual instruction.
Tons of fun - and perfect for libraries, camps, scouts and parties!  We bring all the supplies - you provide the laughs!



No one needs to be afraid of clowns!
Join MoMo as she shows the group how a clown becomes a clown.  MoMo talks briefly about clown history, the types of clowns, all about clown college and she shows the children step by step what clowns do to become clowns., including putting on their makeup, wigs, and costumes.

This educational show enables children to lose their fear of clowns by watching a regular mom-type person go from  Mom to MoMo.

Once MoMo is in full makeup and costume, we allow the children to have a mini lesson on clowning and clowning around.  Every guest gets a clown nose to take home and lots of memories of fun and silliness!

This can be followed up by the silly magic show, parachute play, a sing and dance along or done on its  own.



MoMo and Munchkin love to sing and dance!  We have a ton of fun sing along songs that are interactive for your guests and get everyone up and moving.  From hand play songs for preschoolers to silly sing alongs for older kids,  to party songs and dance alongs like the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide and more, we will get your group up and moving.

Do you have a group of preschoolers who love to march and sing?  MoMo has a Sing and March Parade for preschool aged children.  We bring the music, we bring the instruments (age appropriate of course) and we sing and march our way around the party providing fun and laughs for everyone.  (Max 12 children).


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